These Twin Sisters Created A Pretend Wedding Day For Their Father With Alzheimer’s Disease

I was lucky enough to have my father walk me down the aisle the day I got married.

He was in perfect health, and he still is. Although I love him and appreciate him, I didn’t stop for a second to think that he might not be there on that day.

I never questioned his vitality or the possibility that things could change and he wouldn’t have the strength to carry out such a fatherly duty.

I was lucky, and I realize that now.

But for twins Becca and Sarah Duncan, the story is a little different, and sadly, they must face these tough realities.

Their father, Scott, was their superhero, the strong man who was always there for them.

Unfortunately, even heroes can get sick, and Scott was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a devastating progressive sickness.

Knowing that he might not be there on their special days in the future, the two sisters came up with a brilliant idea.

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Most of us dream about our wedding day.

That one singular day we know will stick out in our memory forever when we marry the love of our life.

Will it be indoors at a fancy hotel or outside in a beautiful garden?

Maybe a destination wedding?

Will we wear a ballgown fit for a princess or something more vintage adorned with lace and beads?

How many bridesmaids will we have? Should there be a candy bar?

Candles? Bubbles? Chocolate fountains?

We dream of these things and we dream of each magical moment that will unfold…

…like having your father walk you down the aisle.

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